B-5040 - suitable for Sanok
Part number B-5040
Manufacturer Sanok
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Purchasing an original B-5040 CLASSICAL SECTION BELTS spare part by Sanok means being able to fit the genuine part - B-5040 – to your agricultural machinery.

As one of the foremost brands in the agricultural machinery sector, Sanok spare parts are of the highest quality and will have been made with top-notch materials to help ensure a great deal of longevity once they have been fitted and are in use.

With a weight of 0.0 kg, purchasing a B-5040 CLASSICAL SECTION BELTS manufactured by Sanok will mean only having to spend as little as €12.44, so your spare part will represent a cost-effective purchase, especially if you are currently suffering downtime from your agricultural equipment while you wait to have it fitted.

All orders are checked and packaged carefully before shipping.

About Sanok

Founded in 1931, Sanok Rubber is a Polish manufacturer that specialises in automotive parts and V-belts as well as various other household and pharmaceutical manufacturing products. It makes rubber components that are used in the agricultural sector. Primarily, although not exclusively, these are anti-vibration and belt parts. For example, Sanok Rubber makes stabiliser bars and subframes as well as harvest belts and vege belts. The latter are specifically designed for vegetable picking equipment.

Sanok Rubber says that its values comprise three elements – technology, environmental protection and involvement. Since 1997, shares in the company have been publicly traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It has plants in France, China, Germany and Mexico among other countries around the world.


Sanok offers what it calls a Product Submission Guarantee (PSW) - ensuring that its parts are fully compliant. The firm has several ISO accreditations to its name to help guarantee confidence in the quality of its production methods.

Why order at PROOTEQ

  • Brand new products made for a range of different agricultural machines and pickers
  • A socially responsible firm with a code of ethical conduct
  • A high-quality service that employs cutting-edge materials to acquire novel technical solutions
  • Rubber belt products designed to work at extreme temperature ranges with high length stability
  • Ordering Sanok's harvest belts means only needing to know the catalogue number
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