A0304161 - suitable for Kuhn
Part number A0304161
Manufacturer Kuhn
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Purchasing an original ARTI. SUP-TAPIS AVD spare part by Kuhn means being able to fit the genuine part - A0304161 – to your agricultural machinery.

People who own and useKuhn agricultural machinery every day will already beware, spare parts are produced in France to very high quality control standards, helping you to be assured that, by buying an original, you are making a sound investment in your equipment.

Get hold of this component – part number A0304161 - for just €544.99.

We will check your order and package it up before it is shipped so you can have complete assurance of our service.

About Kuhn

Originally a manufacturer of scales, Kuhn was founded in 1828. Its production plant moved to Saverne in France in the 1860s. The modern Kuhn company, which makes many agricultural machinery parts, was established in 1955 following several changes in its corporate set-up. With subsidiaries located throughout the globe, this French-owned firm operates in the UK through Kuhn UK.

According to Kuhn UK, the solution they offer their clients is to be a local company with a local presence in the country, albeit one that can rely on a close supply chain from Europe. Kuhn UK combines all of the wider company's experience in the agricultural industry to offer a high-quality range of products and services, including the supply of spare parts. Specialising in tillage tools, sprayers and seed drilling machines, among others, Kuhn UK is based in Shropshire.


Kuhn offers something it calls a protect+ warranty extension programme. With this, it is possible to buy spare parts in the UK which will have a total of a 36-month long guarantee period.

Why order at PROOTEQ

  • Durable and high-quality parts available directly within the UK from a leading brand
  • Long warranty periods thanks to Kuhn's guarantee extension scheme
  • Kuhn's i tech software solution means that tracking down parts is much easier than it otherwise would be
  • Short delivery times help to shorten potential downtimes from machinery that requires a spare component
  • Parts will be dispatched seven days a week with Christmas Day, New Year's Day and May Day being the only exceptions
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