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100.77933 - suitable for Grimme
Part number 100.77933
Manufacturer Grimme
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Get hold of a Grimme SIDE PART L/H directly from the plant it has been made in Germany and get your agricultural machinery operating once more without having to withstand unproductive periods of downtime.

As one of the foremost brands in the agricultural machinery sector, Grimme spare parts are of the highest quality and will have been made with top-notch materials to help ensure a great deal of longevity once they have been fitted and are in use.

The €163.88 price tag for this component means it offers value for money given its superior expected lifespan.

We will check your order and package it up before it is shipped so you can have complete assurance of our service.

About Grimme

One of Germany's leading brand names in agricultural machinery of all types, Grimmer is often associated with its potato harvesters and other vegetable picking equipment. The company started making agricultural machinery in 1861 from its base of operations in Lower Saxony. As such the company enjoys a rich heritage and is respected in many parts of the world. Grimme's spare parts and components are available for dispatch every day of the year across numerous trading territories, the UK included.

Grimme UK has been the British wing of the company for several decades. In fact, it began serving the needs of the UK agricultural sector as far back as 1993. Under the Grimme brand, Kleine and Asa-Lift spare parts can also be obtained. This is because these brands are owned by the wider Grimme Group.


The warranty on offer from Grimme covers any parts that have been fitted in their factory. The warranty also covers genuine manufacturer parts so long as an authorised dealer has fitted them. All electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components are covered under the Grimmer warranty. As such, any that suffer a breakdown due to factory failures or defective materials are covered as are those that don't perform their intended design functions.

Why order at PROOTEQ

  • Brand new spares made with cutting-edge technology in Germany
  • The majority of parts can be supplied without a high minimum order quantity
  • Many Grimme assemblies have online schematics available to help with the identification of certain spare parts
  • Guaranteed fitting services are on offer from Grimme to help ensure reliable functionality
  • As well as current product lines, older and even discontinued series parts are available
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